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Feel Secure When You Travel

You can feel secure when you and your family travel inside or outside the United States.
With unlimited towing in your area and help just a phone call away wherever you are
in the states, you can know that when you need help it will be there! Plus receive all
the amazing benefits below. 

Our service provides maximum protection for you by providing what no other travel
assistance service offers. We assist you with planning your travels, provide assistance
while you travel, and when you have enjoyed your travels a little too much, we even
provide assistance with auto theft, credit card theft, DUI and other legal issues! Plus,
learn how you can receive all the benefits below for FREE!

24/7/365 Days A Year Service

Unlimited Roadside Service
You are usually restricted to a few local miles and have restrictions on the use of the service.
Not here! With just a phone call, you can call for towing up to 100 miles to the destination
of your choice or use a towing service of your choice and receive reimbursement up to $100.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, Lock-out Service, Wrecker Towing for RVs,
Motorcycles, Boats, Dually Pickups over 1 Ton, and Trailers

$500 Travel Assistance Reimbursement
If any vehicle you drive is involved in an accident and needs repair you receive up to $500
for a car rental or up to $500 when you are more than 50 miles from home for lodging,
meals and transportation.

Travel Assistance
Plan your travels anywhere in the US and Canada with a reservation through our Travel Service
and receive discounts when available. You can get detailed routing, maps & brochures, Airline
Reservations, Car rental discounts and hotel info and discounts.

Arrest Bond Certificate
You receive an arrest bond certificate. Your Membership Card is accepted as a $500 Cash
Bond when involved in traffic violations.

Bail Bonds
You receive up to $25,000 bail bond release when you are driving a vehicle and are charged
with a covered moving Traffic Law Violation including manslaughter and Negligent Homicide.

Attorney Fees
You receive up to $2,000 for criminal charges of Negligent Homicide or manslaughter arising
from a covered traffic accident and up to $200 for moving violations.

Stolen Vehicle Reward
$5,000 Stolen Vehicle reward paid to the Enforcement Agency or individual that provides
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief.

Credit Card Protection
You receive up $50 for each credit card up to a maximum of $1,000 reimbursement for losses
due to the loss or theft of any credit card registered with our service at the time of the loss or

Stolen Livestock Reward
$500 Stolen Vehicle reward paid to the Enforcement Agency or individual that provides
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the loss of
your livestock, saddle Tack, Livestock/Implement Trailer and Tractor or Farm Equipment.

Member Medical Discounts
Pharmacy Savings - Save up to 60% on Generic Prescriptions and 25% on Brand name
Vision Savings - Save up to 60% on Vision Care and Products and 15% for Ophthalmology
Dental Savings - Save up to 50% on most general fees.

Accident & Hospitalization
If you are injured in a covered accident and hospitalized due to your injuries at home, at work
or in another state. 

Emergency Reimbursement
You receive up to $500 in Emergency Cash paid to you for emergency Room or Trauma
Center treatment for items such as Cast or Splints, Lab Work, Nursing Services, Transfusions,
Anesthetics, Doctor Care, IVs and Facility.

Daily Hospital Benefit
You receive $150/day beginning the very first day you are hospitalized as result of a covered
accident for up to 365 consecutive days up to $54,750.

Accidental Death Benefit
You receive $10,000 paid to your estate if a covered accident results in your death within 90
days of the covered accident.
As a member, you have the option to enroll in one of three Accidental Death Benefits FREE
of charge.
Option 1 - you receive up to $50,000 as a member
Option 2 - you and your spouse up to $25,000 each
Option 3 - you up to $30,000 - your spouse up to $15,000 - children up to $3,500 each

Over $150,000 in benefits and services for only $40 your first month then $20 monthly.

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